About LibHand

LibHand at a glance:

Languages: C++, MATLAB
Platforms: MacOS X, Ubuntu Linux
Build system: CMake
Dependencies: Boost, OpenCV, OGRE
License: open-source, BSD 2-clause derivative.
Version: 0.9

LibHand is an open-source permissively licensed portable library for rendering and recognizing articulations of human hand. The goal of LibHand is to provide as simple programming interface as possible to manipulate human hand pose information, render a human hand and analyze the resulting image. Potential scientific applications include Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Robotics.

Feel free to contact LibHand's author Marin Saric at: a.b@gmail.com
(Replace 'a' with my first name and 'b' with my last name)

LibHand is implemented in C++ and offers a MATLAB interface to facilitate experimentation. LibHand is currently actively supported for MacOS X and Ubuntu Linux on 64-bit x86 processors.

By leveraging OGRE, a modern 3D engine, LibHand can render, deform and analyze a realistic 70k+ triangle hand model at high framerates on mid-range computer hardware.

LibHand provides OpenCV-friendly interfaces to make it very easy for the Computer Vision and Robotics community to use it in their research. LibHand is designed to make it easier to reproduce and extend the research in areas such as hand grasping, hand pose recognition, hand gesture recognition, visual servoing, etc.

Additionaly LibHand provides a realistic Human Hand 3D model available in Blender and OGRE formats under a very permissive license

The LibHand was inspired by concepts from recent research in human hand to pose estimation, for example:

Javier Romero, Hedvig Kjellstrom, Danica Kragic Monocular Real-Time 3D Articulated Hand Pose Estimation In IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids09) 2009


If this software or its derivative is used to produce an academic publication, you are required to cite this work by using the following citation:

      author = "Marin \v{S}ari\'{c}",
      title = "LibHand: A Library for Hand Articulation",
      year = "2011",
      url = "http://www.libhand.org/",
      note = "Version 0.9"


LibHand is available under a derivative of a BSD-license that requires the academic community to provide attribution to LibHand by means of citations. Essentially, you can use, modify and sell LibHand or the derived software in academic and non-academic, commercial and non-commercial, open-source and closed-source settings, but you have to give proper credit. Please see the License page for more information.

The Hand 3D Model License

LibHand comes with a textured, rigged and skinned realistic model of a human hand. The LibHand 3D Hand Model is located in the hand_model directory and it's available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Creative Commons License
The LibHand 3D Hand Model by Marin Saric is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.